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At Pet Emergency Education, we are unlike any other certification company. We were founded by a Credentialed Veterinary Technician with over 28 years of experience working in the veterinary industry.  She spent much of her career teaching veterinary nursing skills including  emergency and critical care, triage and animal physical assessment in higher education institutions and is also certified in Basic and Advanced Life Support by the American College of Emergency and Critical Care and Cornell University Veterinary School. As Instructors we help you learn how to save your pets life!

Pet Emergency Education

Instructor CPR +First Aid


Danielle (El) was born with a love for animals and couldn’t imagine life without a dog by her side. She currently owns two recuse dogs that became her service dogs. She is currently furthering her masters study with Catch Academy in dog knowledge and behavior modification.


She is also our  pet emergency education Instructor!


She believes owners and dogs deserves education, and a way to communicate with each other. Understanding dogs behavior and body language pushed her to become a dog trainer. It has been a dream come true. Now she can help others prepare to help their dog when in need.

Would you like to host a class?

Would you like to host one of our pet CPR, first aid, or animal emergency training classes at your location?

Choose from our internationally recognized program:


Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid


In exchange for hosting one of our certification classes businesses/organizations receive the following:

One complimentary registration for classes of 8 or more paid participants (excluding fundraiser classes)

Your business/organization is promoted on all registration pages, flyers, social media, e-mail and fax blasts and other marketing material for the class.

Your logo is prominently displayed on all marketing media.


Please be aware that in-person classes are only being offered in limited areas as we do not have certified instructors in all of the states yet.

We require a minimum of at least 6 paid participants in one of our classes however in some areas where instructors have to travel long distances to teach a class, a larger minimum class size may be required. Please be aware that instructors are contractors with Pet Emergency Education and work directly with our company therefore do not manage any of the administrative aspects of the class.


Any questions about the class must be directed to our office, not the instructor. 

PetCPR+, PetCPR+ Advanced, Groomer First Aid and K9WildAid+ classes are 3 hours long.

Our registration fee is $74.95 per person 

The registration fee includes our full-color e-book, an official frame-able certificate, and a 2-year membership to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center. 

Participants may choose to purchase a printed copy of our Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid manual or Emergency First Aid For Horses manual for an additional $24.95

Businesses, organizations, and veterinary facilities may request a customized, professional, frame-able certificate and window decal to hang in their lobby which indicates that they and/or their staff are certified.


In-Person Public Classes

Facilities and groups may book a class that is open to the public.  
Public classes may also be fundraisers for non-profit animal-related charities as long as they meet our fundraiser guidelines. 

Please be aware that in-person classes are only available in areas where we have a certified instructor. We do not have instructors in all areas and states.

Click Here to Request a PUBLIC In-Person Class

Click Here to Request a PUBLIC In-Person Animal Charity Fundraiser Class

For more information about hosting a fundraiser class click here

Private Classes


Groups may book a private class for their own staff, members and/or volunteers.  Under no circumstances may a private class be open to the public. Private classes are offered  In-Person

Click Here to Request a PRIVATE In-Person Class


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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