Say Hello to our New Dog Taxi! 

We have added a dog taxi to our service starting March 2022!! Where we can pick up, and drop off dogs attending Daycare, Boarding, & Training here at El's Pampered Paws!

We will even offer if its possible to take your dogs to their vet appointments  and grooming appointments that are within a 15 mile radius from us!

DOG TAXI!! We are doing the one way trip fee (of a 10 mile radius) of $10.00, or the round trip discounted to $18.00. That's to and from here or to the designated appointment in that 10 mile radius.

If everything is in or under the 10 miles one way or 20 miles round trip we are good to go. For every mile additionally over the 10/20 miles it is $1 more per mile. I hope this is helpful! If you are using the taxi services for daycare and or boarding with us multiple times a week let us know and we have a regulars discount after a few trips to add to your bill.


2920 S Mulberry Lane

Building A Units 8 & 9

Richfield Utah 84701

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