Structured Training Facility!

Because they crave enrichment…

No two dogs are the same and each requires their own enriching and stimulating experiences. We intentionally create space for playing, sleeping, cuddling, and learning, ensuring a safe and positive experience. As well as Training from Basic Obedience, Barking, Leash Pulling, Social Problems and even dogs with bite records call to see about our options.



Because they deserve an extraordinary life…


Creating a place of compassion and unconditional love is our difference. We know that dogs are one of the most important parts of a person’s life. Every aspect is designed with this in mind.



Because they're your everything….

Guests will enjoy their own private suite for down-time after their day of enriching activities and can relax knowing that someone is always there to give endless cuddles and love 24/7.Because they love to be cozy and cared for…

We provide attainable luxury for community dog owners so they can rest assured knowing their furry family members will always have a safe and exciting home-away-from-home when needed.

Very Important Pooch (VIP) Activities

VIP Activities:

Nail trim - $10

Ear Clean - $7.50

Medication Administration Fee – FREE!

Dog Walk - $10

Solo Play - $10

Conditioned Relaxation Massage -$12

Leash work - $15

Kong Enrichment - $8.00

Let's Work Together

Together we can make this journey with your pet a wonderful one.