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Private Dog Training

El’s Pampered Paws offers private dog training in Richfield. Private training sessions are held on-site at the shop located on Mulberry Lane.

A trainer will consult with you prior to your session and quote you the appropriate rate for the content of the lesson. 


**PLEASE see below for a brief explanation of Obedience vs Behavioral Sessions.


OBEDIENCE LESSONS: Include more traditional dog training cues and general manners. These are lessons that are looking to teach you and your dog general skills for day-to-day life. Such as our Foundation Day Training, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience more…


BEHAVIOR SESSIONS: Address more serious issues that are often identified as undesirable or unsafe behaviors you need to address. These can include Aggression, Leash Reactivity, Barking, Resource Guarding, Fear Based Behavior, Grooming & Handling Sensitivity. These require more knowledge and a more experienced trainer to properly identify and formulate a training strategy.  Our certified trainers in aggression and reactivity will use a scientific approach that requires insight into dog behavior and psychology and the ability to create customized plan for your dog based around positive reinforcement and humane handling.


PLEASE NOTE: These are the reasons that you might be quoted a different rate than priced for any Obedience or Behavior sessions.


Potty & Crate Training "The Weekender"

Weekend Board and Train. Friday - Sunday

— $525.00

Just the Leash

Dog has a one full day of

day training on the leash.

Followed up with a 30 min - 1 hour hands on session at the end of the day.

— $250.00

Puppy Foundation
Day Training

Tuesday & Thursday drop off

dog for day training followed up on Friday or Saturday with a
1 - 2 hours Hands on training with parents and dog.

— $695.00

El-IMG_1588- 20220321.jpg

Adult Foundation  Day Trianing

Tuesday & Thursday drop off dog for day training followed up on Friday or Saturday with a 1 - 2 hours Hands on training with parents and dog.

— $695.00

El_s Pampered Pets- IMG_3873 - 20220321.jpg
77C1B17D-15AA-4802-92BF-208B320D1B7E (1).jpg

"Board and Train"

4 days/ 3 nights

Additional board & training that is needed after or instead of foundation day training

*if dog and human need

more work and polishing up on previous trainings.

— $795.00

El_s Pampered Pets- IMG_3740 - 20220321.jpg

Next Level Program

(6 week program)

Tuesday & Thursday Drop offs for daycare to stay up on socializing skills.

Fridays or Saturdays with actual adventure outings with humans

to challenge your handling skills :

while practicing all the things! Distance




— $1875.00

Want to get an idea about what we do?
Why we do it? Please do!
See our training methods and if they are right for you??
Click Here 

Click here and it will take you to the Learning portal from the lady herself! Heather Beck, Owner of K9Lifeline! Her methods and Training are leading the way for a new way of doing it Daycare boarding and training what we base our facility and training from!

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