The Weekender:

Potty & Crate Training. Friday night through Sunday night we will potty train your dog with our crate training method.

Foundation Day Training:

This is a foundation to build on with  4 days of day training with us. Usually a tuesday and a thursday and 2 Hands on follow up meetings on fridays.

Level Up - Extended Foundation training

Have a dog who needs a little extra work? Try our Extended Foundation Program. It is a 4-day 3 night boarding program that has all of the bells and whistles of the Foundation Day Training, but your dog gets extra hands-on work with our trainers and staff. Those extra days and nights can make a huge difference.

Self Help Service Dog Training

We can help you find a dog that fits your needs, assist in training a dog with task specific needs at your own pace. This will not be a quick option but it will build relationship with you and your dog and is more cost effective. Must call and set for appointment. You  will need a Dr or Therapist Letter of necessity.

Want to watch and see what we do? Why we do it?
 our training methods and if they are right for you?? Click Here 

Click here and it will take you to the Learning portal from the lady herself! Heather Beck, Owner of K9Lifeline! Her methods and Training are leading the way for a new way of doing it Daycare boarding and training what we base our facility and training from!