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Auntie El's Dog House Previously known as El's Pampered Paws opened its doors in 2020 to fulfill the need for pet accommodations in the Richfield, Utah.

It was built with comfort and convenience in mind and was carefully designed to meet the needs of both pets and their parents.


Today, we are a sought out destination for pet Training, Daycare &  Boarding.


Our staff is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the pets in our care and is passionate about doing whatever it takes to keep them happy and comfortable. While putting the pet parents at ease with photos and updates about their kids stay.

Auntie El's Dog House (El’s Pampered Paws) is a safe and fun space for the dogs. Dogs get to train here, or they get structured activates and attention during daycare, by trained staff all day long, as well as private kennel options to board for short and or long stays. Each dog has ample opportunities to exercise, learn, and grow.

We can offer this structured Home away from Home, because of the excellent staff and training they are given to make sure the dogs get the best of care.  Such as CPR  and first aid Training for pets and for dogs, extra skills and behavior assessments, training classes and workshops, as well as the top skills and knowledge on how to break up a dog fight safely and efficiently.

"As the owner I’ve been helping both pets and their owners open a form of communication and trust as well as offering peace of mind for those parents not willing to leave their fur baby anywhere so they can travel.

Auntie El's is a great option for any stressed out pet parent.

Training is easy and relatable.

Structured Daycare it is the best choice for safe play and socialization.

Boarding is top notch and luxury for the dogs!

Contact us for peace of mind if you have any questions!




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