Welcome to our comprehensive Vocabulary page, your ultimate reference guide for understanding key terms related to Pet Sitting, and dogs in general. Whether you're a new dog owner, an aspiring owner,
or simply interested in expanding your knowledge, this vocabulary list will provide you with clear and concise definitions of important terminology.


The American Kennel Club is a registry body, responsible for tracking the lineage of dogs of a variety of breeds.


To wash by immersing one's body in water.

Dog Brush

Regular bushings should be done every couple of days, regardless of the length of your dog's coat. That's because brushing his fur doesn't just improve his appearance, but helps keep him healthy. Brushing prevents painful hair mats, and it removes dirt and debris

Dog Comb

The word comb is defined as “a strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair.” Combs have been around for five thousand years. They are usually flat and have a frame with teeth sticking out; they're simple tools. Even so, never underestimate their power!

Dog Conditioner

Conditioning. The application of products, such as conditioners or detanglers, to a dog's coat to improve its texture, manageability, and overall health. Even healthy coats can benefit from a conditioner to improve hydration and to nourish the skin. Corded Coat.

Dog shampoo

Dog shampoo is designed to moisturise your dog's skin and coat. It contains ingredients that help to nourish and hydrate the skin. This type of shampoo can help to prevent dryness and itching. Dog shampoo is usually gentle enough for dogs with sensitive skin


Food eaten by or appropriate for dogs in general, whether wild or domesticated. Can be Canned, kibble, or a variation of raw.

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Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and healthiness of a dog, which can improve its quality of life. How much grooming a dog needs depends on its breed, age, and health. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. While many dogs shed, others such as the poodle, do not shed as profusely and require grooming every 4-8 weeks

Health Testing

Each breed’s health testing requirements originate with a “parent club,” the AKC-recognized national club devoted to a particular breed. To assist breeders in fulfilling these requirements, AKC has compiled the health testing requirements for each breed, organized by group on the left navigation of this page.

Neuter/ Spay

In a female animal, “spaying” consists of removing the ovaries or uterus and ovaries. The technical term is ovariectomy or ovariohysterectomy. For a male animal, “neutering” involves the removal of the testicles, and this is known as castration.

Service Dog

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.


Temperament has been defined as an animal's personality, makeup, disposition, or nature. A longer definition of temperament is “individual differences in behavior that are biologically based.” Temperament is not the physical characteristics of a dog, and it is not learned behaviors such as sit, down and stay.

Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs are dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work together as a team to improve the lives of other people. Therapy dogs are not service dogs. Service dogs are dogs who are specially trained to perform specific tasks to help a person who has a disability. An example of a service dog is a dog who guides an owner who is blind, or a dog who assists someone who has a physical disability. Service dogs stay with their person and have special access privileges in public places such as on planes, restaurants, etc. Therapy dogs, the dogs who will be earning the AKC Therapy Dog™ title, do not have the same special access as service dogs


A person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals.

Dog Trainer

A dog trainer specializes in training dogs and helping them develop desirable behaviors and skills. They work closely with dog owners to address behavioral issues, teach obedience commands, and enhance the bond between the dog and its owner. Dog trainers use various training methods, including positive reinforcement, to encourage and reward desired behaviors while discouraging unwanted behaviors.

Pet Sitter

a person who looks after a pet or pets while their owner is away, usually staying at the owner's home.

Overnight Stays

Overnight stays allows your pet to stay in their familiar environment, and provides them with the security and attention they need. Overnight care can include a variety of services, such as feeding and exercising your pet, administering medications, and providing companionship.

Aggressive Dogs

Aggression in dogs is cause for concern in many dog owners. Aggression is defined as the threat of harm to another individual involving snarling, growling, snapping, biting, barking or lunging. Understanding the contributing factors in aggression can often help in the treatment of aggression.


While you are away we provide ...


Drop Ins

Ideal for pups in training or daily relief during your work hours, these shorter visits are perfect for those not requiring a full drop-in.



Our premium service offers overnight companionship for your pets from 10 pm to 7 am. Your pets can rest peacefully at home, feeling safe and secure, avoiding the need for a boarding facility.


Taxi Rides

Unable to make it to your pet's vet or grooming appointment? Moving and need someone to chauffeur Fido? We've got you covered!


Dog Training

One time classes or weekly courses we can get you set up to custom training to fit the needs of you and your pet